Tuesday, 18 July 2017

DT Structures 2

Making our prototype models- photos of the process:

Some finished prototypes- can you guess what they are?

Local History and Geography Week- Visit from The Norfolk Records Office

We have been very lucky to have a visit from a local history expert, who brought copies of records about Bressingham, including maps, photographs, Census information, Trade Directories and transcripts of these, to enable us to read them more easily. 

There were lots of activities, that helped us to understand what life was like at the start of the twentieth century- about 1900:

What were houses like?
What were families like?
How many people lived in houses together?
How old were people?
What were their jobs?
Where would you go to buy soap, Easter cards, ginger beer, wheels, and many other things?
Where were these places that you could go to buy things in or near to Bressingham?

Friday, 14 July 2017

Musical- Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Everybody was so impressed with the show- Kestrel Class put on an amazing performance and had a standing ovation from the audience. Well done to all!

Photographs of the cast, starting with the villagers of Sherwood...

The Merry Men...

Nursie and the Skunks...

Grabbit and Bolt...

King John and Genghis, a torturer!

The Sheriff of Nottingham and his guards...

Our technical team...

What a show! Well done to all...

Monday, 3 July 2017

The Great Bressingham Bake Off- The Final!

After the preliminary rounds, the finalists spent this afternoon baking with the theme of 'Wonderland'. Here are the finalists with their cakes...

Our judge was Mrs Ann Morgan, Clerk to the Governors, who enjoys baking herself...

Mr King had been the contestants' able assistant all afternoon, as evidenced by the flour on his trousers!

But who would be the winners? 

Some passed time by eating some of their cakes...

And here are the winners for Key Stage 1 and key stage 2- but well done to you all for being the Bake Off finalists and independently baking your cakes- wow!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Rounders competition at Diss High School

These days are a wonderful opportunity for our children to become more familiar with the High School and meet some of the people they may meet there- staff and children.

Today we took part in a rounders competition and here are our teams- sometimes sensible and sometimes (encouraged to be) silly!

And our winning team (one of 4 winning teams):

They were superb at supporting one another and discussing strategies- well done to all our children- you were wonderful.

Sports Day

Despite it being one of the hottest days of the year so far, everyone enjoyed their games in the morning. Years 5 and 6 did a great job organising their teams and helping the younger children.

We managed to find lots of shady places for the children when they were waiting for their turn, or even when they were doing the activities sometimes.

Everyone in Kestrel Class was a team leader- one of our 100 memorable events...