Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Chocolate- responses from the Governors to our letters

Last month, Kestrel Class wrote letters to the Governors, to ask them if we may be able to sell chocolate in our new school tuck shop. 

In response, last week, the Clerk to the Governors sent us a letter, on behalf of the Governors, thanking us for our letters and saying how impressed they were. 

Furthermore, Mr Wimshurst, our Chair of Governors, visited us today. He said, "I have been a Governor here since before you were born, and this is the nicest thing that has ever happened!" He also said that he was impressed and that he was interested to read all the different views that we had, including that about half the class were not in favour of selling chocolate at the tuck shop. He felt that as we were so thoughtful, he felt that the children should make the decision. One member of Kestrels suggested that perhaps only 2 squares of chocolate should be sold. 

Very kindly, Mr Wimshurst gave us some high quality dark chocolate to try...Delicious- thank you!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dissecting flowers

Having learnt the different parts of flowering plants, Kestrels have dissected wallflower and buttercup flowers, as part of their Science curriculum. 

Playing 'Slap Jack'!

Year 6 enjoyed playing a cards game, then writing instructions about how to play. Many recommended playing to spend quality time with family or friends...

Monday, 20 March 2017

Kestrels visit The Houses of Parliament and the National Gallery in London!

In connection with work in class, Year 5 and Year 6 visited London today. Not only did we visit these two historic venues, but we also saw many of 'the sights' of London!

At the Houses of Paliament, we visited both The House of Lords and the House of Commons! We weren't allowed to take photos, except for at the very beginning and end of our visit, for security reasons. Here we are!

When we left we knew a lot more about democracy in our country.

After this we walked along Whitehall to the National Gallery, via...

Big Ben

Downing Street

Horseguards' Parade (we even saw the changing of the guard)

Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

Admiralty Arch, through which we could see The Mall and Buckingham Palace

At the National Gallery we enjoyed a workshop about landscape painting, collecting ideas that we can use when we paint landscapes. We saw some very famous paintings!

The Haywain by John Constable

The Bridge at Giverney by Claude Monet

Time for home, with many new memories to enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Latin America and Beethoven's 5th Symphony!

Inspired by ideas from Beethoven's 5th Symphony, we have been composing music to represent the Amazon River or the Amazon Rainforest and animals that live in them. 

Our pieces include rhythmic and melodic motifs and it was great fun working together to practise and perform them. 

Discovering Beethoven, symphonies and musical motifs...

Here is one groups's plan for their music:

Finally some photos of us performing...

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spelling Teams

In Kestrel Class, we have dramatically improved our spelling this year. To add to the fun and further improve our spelling, we are now learning personal spellings, to try to win points for our spelling teams. Every week, the league will be updated, teams ordered and players of the week recognised for their efforts! Here are our spelling teams, each team having chosen the team name!

Watermelon Team

Domino Team

And Team Dynamite

Week one results are in and Team Dynamite are currently top of the league. Players of the week are George, Afiyah, Robyn, Eleanor and Benjamin. MVP (Most Valuable Player) was George. Well done to you all!


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas and Tudors

This week, we have been doing an RE topic about Christmas and Tudors. We have found out about figures involved in the Christmas story and symbols linked to Christmas. Finally we discovered that some of the Tudor monarchs had a great impact on religion in England.

We enjoyed lighting candles, one of the symbols of Christmas...

When we turned the lights out, the children were moved and someone started to sing; everybody joined in, singing Christmas songs and carols. It was a special moment that we enjoyed together.